2020 Colours and Female Personalities

Every year, as many of you know, Pantone releases a colour or range of colours of the year specifically for the fashion industry. Tones that are likely to be seen on the runways and present in trend forecasts. For 2020, Pantone has released 12 colours, as well as four neutrals to be seen on the fashion scene. 

According to the Pantone team, this year’s colours will be fun, creative, yet comfortable and familiar. As stated on the Pantone website, ““Combining our desire for stability, creativity, and more spontaneous design approaches, the colour palette for Spring/Summer 2020 infuses heritage and tradition with a colourful youthful update that creates strong multi-coloured combinations as well as energising and optimistic pairings,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.”

Each colour is unique in its own right, and I thought it would be fun to add a spin on it; relate personalities to each hue.

Flame Scarlet

A curvy Queen, confident, and full of humour. A marketing whiz, loves her cat and fiancee, shops at Saks Fifth Avenue. Wakes up at 7am and always ready to go, she means business. 


A young mom killing the game, is a freelance writer and jogs in the park while pushing the baby stroller. Can eat 11 hot dogs. Goes to Mommy & Me, is popular and in shape. Seems to have it all together.

Classic Blue

A naive, hungry millennial just got her first job, and is ready to take on the world. She has lived alone for two years and drinks coffee like it is water. She starts work on Monday. Reads for pleasure, and binge watches “Friends”.

Biscay Green

The neighbourhood Grandma everyone loves. She bakes pies for you when you have a birthday, and brings you soup when you’re sick. Her porch is decorated with white whicker furniture and her garden with beds of roses. She is old but lovely.

Orange Peel

The quirky 60 year old woman, married, no kids. She has seven dogs with her husband, all rescued strays. She works as a costume designer and was a Hollywood oldie. Kinky grey hair and big jewel earrings. She likes to chat with friends on her balcony over tea and crumpets.

Mosaic Blue

Sophisticated, career driven, always classically chic. Is in tune with her feelings and wants and has picture perfect skin. This woman uses pops of colour to pick up her neutral wardrobe of pantsuits, button downs and beautiful cashmere coats. Enjoys taking coffee to go and taking a stroll through the busy city.

Faded Denim

Kind, sweet, mother of two college kids. The essence of comfort everyone wants in a mother. She’s a classic; white shirt and blue denim. Thick knits and sneakers. Makes a killer lasagna, is always there to stroke your hair and give you a hug after a breakup.


A yoga teacher, who works at a health food store on the side. Only buys organic, is vegetarian. She loves drinking herbal teas and meditates every morning with the sunrise. Shops at lulemon and Alo Yoga. She is strong, introspective but very friendly. Has beautiful chocolate brown hair that falls over her shoulders. Has 23 pairs of leggings.

Grape Compote

A misunderstood teenage girl trying to discover herself through post-punk music, wears Doc Martens and oversized hoodies. Wants to grow up fast. Thinks high school is dumb and can’t stand drama. Wants to study literature and philosophy in college. Wise beyond her years. Deep down a sweet, happy girl, just a little lost. Loves dogs and mountains.

Cinnamon Stick

A 35 year old singer, famous in her country. She loves her baby boy, drinks teas with honey to coat her throat and protect her voice. Has over 40 pairs of shoes. Wears warm nude lipsticks and mascara. Takes her boy to the farmers market in her free time, and lives in a modern, bright and airy two floor house.

Coral Pink

A 24 year old, sweet young woman. She is a minimalist, she likes to wear loafers with denim and chunky knits. Is always there for her friends. Is strong and healthy. She loves to wear pastels, and drinks chai latte. Works as a sales assistant at a small boutique, but wants to open a store of her own.


A surprisingly positive and upbeat lawyer, is a rising star at her firm, wears pantsuits to work but frilly dresses with western boots on the weekends. Loves L.A., is living her dream life. Calls her parents every week and takes long drives by the beach in her vintage convertible. 

Brilliant White

Wears white, cream, grey and beige. Crisp button downs is her signature style. Wears neutrals and sky high heels with her cigarette trousers. She lives in a Scandi-Inspired minimalist apartment with her two dogs. She has fluffy white towel sets and matching pyjamas. 


Skincare and beauty guru, this woman knows her do’s from don’t’s with creams, serums and face masks. She has aged gracefully and beautifully. Is 50 but looks 40. Wears free flowing tops and flats. Is timeless, classic, chic. A strong role model to younger generations of women. Looks like she walked out of a Dove advertisement. 

Navy Blazer

Drinks dirty martinis with two olives, goes out to the hottest club openings with her girlfriends. Wears a Saint Laurent blazer and a black lacy bra with high waisted jeans and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. She is chic yet modern and sexy. Is happy with her life, loves her PR job. Has a mild shopping and cigarette addiction.


Short blond hair, is a mother, a wife, an accountant. High cheekbones, natural beauty, simple, understated style. Enjoys weekend lunches with her family, exchanging stories from during the week. Drinks sparkling water with lemon slices, goes to the gym in the morning before work. Smart, casual, down to earth.

16 colours, 16 female personalities. All unique, all powerful, all wonderfully womanly. Which colour personality are you?


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