26 things Friends taught me

I have been re-watching the cult tv show almost on a daily basis since I was 9 years old. I remember watching it in secret from my parents because some episodes were considered inappropriate for a child. Looking back, they were probably right. (See: The one with the Free Porn). As an ultra fan of the show, every time I re-watch the episodes, there’re different things I pay attention to. From editing mistakes, to wardrobe choices, to certain reactions of certain characters. Now with the #stayhome necessity, I have been binge watching the show more than ever. Here are 26 things I learned from the show. (Warning: spoilers)

  1. Change out of your PJs even if you aren’t going to go anywhere
    1. Even when they have nothing planned, and just end up sitting around Monica’s apartment, they are all dressed albeit casually for the day. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will give you a sense of productivity.
  2. Don’t make pro and con lists about a potential partner
    1. When Ross couldn’t decide between Julie and Rachel in season one, he decided to follow Chandler’s advice and make a list. It did not end well.
  3. Don’t leave the door open when taking care of a friend’s pet
    1. Rachel takes care of Marcel, Ross’s capuchin monkey when she leaves the door open and he runs out. The gang proceed to spend all night looking all over the neighborhood and the apartment to find him.
  4. Sometimes you will have to work a job you hate to get to where you want
    1. Monica didn’t start her career working at Javu, and Rachel didn’t start out at Ralph Lauren. They both worked jobs they hated to get to where they wanted.
  5. Always be there for your friends’ birthdays
    1. in general, the Friends were pretty consistent at celebrating birthdays. Except for that time when Joey was dating Ursula, Pheobe’s twin sister, and wasn’t there for Pheobe. That look on her face when she realized broke my heart.
  6. Be proud of your friends’ successes
    1. When Ross made tenure, when Joey got parts in plays, when Rachel got promoted (for 24h) to assistant buyer, when Monica got the job at Alessandro’s. They were all there cheering each other on.
  7. A hug can always make things better
    1. *cut to a video montage of all the times Joey and Chandler hugged*
  8. Take risks
    1. Ross and Rachel risked their friendship to start the biggest whirlwind romance of the show, as did Monica and Chandler. Chandler quit his job as a “transponster” for something that truly made him happy.
  9. Tell someone you like that you like them, they might like you back
    1. Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Kathy
  10. Coffee is everything
    1. I think this one is self explanatory
  11. the best way to get a couch up the stairs is to pivot!
    1. As we correctly learn from Ross, the only way is to pivot.
  12. Your lobster is out there, and when you find him/her, trust your gut.
    1. Rachel is Ross’s lobster, and they were meant to be together. They had a long way to go before they both realized but there were signs that they belonged together throughout the show.
  13. Don’t fake move to Yemen
    1. When Chandler wants to avoid breaking up with Janice for the nth time, he pretend moves to Yemen. Clearly, this wasn’t the most successful option. 
  14. Don’t bet your NYC rent controlled apartment
    1. If you do, you might end up sleeping in ball on the floor, or worse, be woken up on a Saturday by your singing neighbor. 
  15. Always shower after a fishing trip
    1. When Joey returns from a three day fishing trip with his father, he doesn’t have time to shower before having to be on set for the movie he was filming. He “stunk the place up”.
  16. Share what you’re thankful for
    1. Even if it’s thongs, like Joey. It can bring you closer together, and help you realize what is truly important in life.
  17. Mistakes can be blessings in disguise
    1. Emma!
  18. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not
    1. When Rachel was trying to get Joshua’s attention, she never stopped to realize that he already liked her exactly the way she was. 
  19. Never wake a sleeping baby
    1. again, Emma!
  20. You can never have enough pizza
    1. Just ask Joey, or the Joey special (two pizzas!)
  21. Learn how to forgive
    1. If I could pick just one thing the show has taught me, it would be this. They have all forgiven each other countless times, and it has brought them closer, and made the bond even stronger.
  22. Don’t keep a lost police badge
    1. Just like Pheobe, you might get caught, and you might not be as lucky to her to land a date out of it. 
  23. Rachel’s outfits are goals
    1. The epitome of 90s style, and I want her whole wardrobe 
  24. Be there for your friends
    1. Tell a joke to lighten the mood, be there as a shoulder to cry on, and always offer a hug
  25. Friendship is like family
  26. You can never watch Friends too many times
    1. trust me.


feature image: Glamour.com

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