Transitional Style SS2020

It’s a windy Wednesday afternoon and I’m finding myself with a blank screen in front of me and the thick grey clouds rolling in over the mountain across the way. It is day 37 of the quarantine and all rules are slowly going out the window. Pizza for breakfast, sleeping at 3am, not doing any work. I decided to stop the unhealthy habits in their tracks before they turn into an untamable beast. So I made myself some pomegranate infused green tea with ice, and I’m finally sitting down to write the next piece.

* * * * * * *

As I leaf through pages of Vogue and Elle, scroll through my Instagram feed, I look at all the summer new-in items coming in hot and heavy by all brands high and low alike. It only takes a moment to look outside the window at the soft drizzle and cloudy skies, then back at the pages of bikini swamped magazines to see that something isn’t right. It’s officially transition season. The not-quite-winter-but-also-not-spring-yet season. What’s a girl to wear? On the one hand, in this quarantine infused time of our lives, it’s not the biggest issue on our minds, but I thought I would lighten the mood and bring it to the forefront. So for those wondering, these are my tips and to-try items come “freedom”.

The Shaket

image: WhoWhatWear

The Shacket (shirt-jacket) has been on the ‘to-buy’ list for quite some time, I just never found the perfect one. Pair with straight leg, high waisted denim, or a cute skirt and sheer black tights and boots.

Spring Dresses & Chunky Boots

image: BuzzFeed

The ultimate spring edgy chic look. Opt for longer dresses to cover more leg and keep you warmer in the shade. The chunky boots add a fantastic edgy contrast to the light, feminine spring dress. If it’s floral, even better. 

The Mini Cardigan and Air Force

image: Pinterest

The 90s mini cardigan is taking over the fashion world instagrammer by instagrammer. Go bold with the color palette and choose one of the season’s it colours; sunset colours, sage green, blue, lilac. Pair it with high waisted baggy denim and Air Force for a casual look.

High-waisted Joggers, Crop Hoodie

image: Pinterest

Honestly, who doesn’t want to wear sweatpants outside of the house and still look stylish? Fashion has (luckily) been spoiled for choice with all the casual and comfy options that are cropping up over the seasons. (Sneakers instead of heels?!) Wear with a crop hoodie and a sleek trench for added style.

image: Pinterest

White Shirt & Blue Denim

The! time! is! here! Time to wear those crisp white shirts you have hanging in your closet reserved for the spring time. Or is that just me? Wear with authentic, thick, blue denim and a red lip with natural eyes for the ultimate class. Simple and chic, and very Parisienne. 

image: Pinterest

Throw on Maxi Dress and Sandals

The Maxi dress time is now. The options are endless; boho, minimal, simple, chic, casual, feminine…The extra fabric will keep you warm, but balance out the temperature and the look by giving the chance to let your toes free in sandals. Best get a pedicure first.

Post any other ideas you might have for transitional outfits on your Instagram stories and tag me! @secondnaturemag


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