#StayHome Essentials


While we are all (hopefully!) staying home, social distancing and quarantining, we can still feel extra comfy in our homes. Below I’ve made a collection of comfortable stay at home sets, candles, blankets, and other essentials to make the quarantine flow just a little bit easier.


Pacsun: Tie dye Playboy Set
Living for a good tie-dye moment, tbh. 

Nike: Essentials sweat suit
You can even leave the house to walk the dog in this.

ASOS Design: lounge premium knitted jumper & wide leg trouser
Looks so soft, also anyone else getting Skims vibes?

ASOS Design: lounge Michigan acid wash city sweat
Pure comfort.

Pretty Little Thing: Black cycling shorts & Black ultimate oversized hoodie
For dancing in the kitchen, cleaning the living room, and walking around the block


Zara Home: Light Cotton scented candle (200g)
For beautiful scented interiors 

Zara Home: Royal Garden pillow spray
For sweeter sleeps

Zara Home: Geometric Pattern blanket
For cozy cuddles with your pet, SO, or pillow… 

Urban Outfitters: Zodiac Cushion 
For the millennial apartment

Urban Outfitters Elephant throw cushion
For the boho-chic girl

Amazon: AmazonBasics Pinch Pleat comforter bedding set in Cream
Comfort and aesthetic on a budget!


Fitbit: Charge 4
For *trying* to keep up with your fitness goals even at home

Ninja: Nutri Ninja Pro
For all those smoothies and açaí bowls I know you want to make

Bkr: Muse 1L reusable glass water bottle
For getting that hydration in- plus it’s glass and reusable! #sustainable

The ultimate list of quarantine essentials: done- to make it a little bit more pleasant and hopefully a little easier. Enjoy shopping for new goodies, and if you have any more essentials that you can’t live without, let me know!


Instagram: secondnaturemag

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