10 Outfits from the 90’s I’d still wear in 2020

The 90’s were chock full of glorious fashion inspo; from Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw to Friends’s Rachel Green. I like to think that these women fashion icons shaped the sartorial landscape of today. While there are endless options to choose from; one could say an iconic outfit in each episode, I found these 10 looks including Monica Geller, Jackie Ames and Pheobe Buffay. I could very easily see myself and other women of today wear these outfits.

Iconic Jennifer Aniston donning a black mini slip dress. The power of the LBD reigned loud and clear even 30 years ago. (Were the 90’s really 30 years ago?!) The thin strappy black sandals are relevant even today, with the thinner the better. Simple yet elegant.

Is there a more iconic look than Carrie Bradshaw dressed up for the night holding a cosmopolitan in her hand? Feel free to debate me on this one, but the grey tube top and mid waisted white-grey trousers are giving me life. A simple and more casual look to wear for a girl’s night out. A cosmo is also never a bad idea.

Monica Geller’s post-breakup workout look is very much on trend for today. With Nike making a comeback with more vintage designs, this outfit could have been created in 2020. Bicycle shorts aren’t going anywhere, and I especially like the cropped oversized hoodie paired with the look. I’m going to include her toned legs as part of the outfit because who wouldn’t want legs like that?

Honestly, I’ve been obsessed with this dress ever since I saw the SATC episode. Strappy nude heeled sandals, vintage Gucci, and a perfectly body hugging charcoal grey dress= sartorial perfection. If anyone can find a dress that looks like this, please let me know, because I would love to own it. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some vintage Gucci either.

I don’t think there is anyone that does a “walk of shame” look better than Carrie. (Actually, the term “walk of shame” should cease to exist because if it was consensual- as it should be- what is there to be ashamed of? But that’s another story for another day.) Wearing Big’s white button down, paired with stilettos and an Hermes belt. Sexy elegance.

A more casual look by Jackie Ames in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air includes a plaid flannel over a cream turtleneck crop top and oversized baggy blue jeans. With the return of the check over-shirt and straight leg/ baggy jeans, this look is more relevant than ever. Her hairstyle only adds an extra down to earth feel that makes me want to cut my hair into bangs. (Maybe not the best idea.)

Is there a better look than this to walk your dog? Or your boyfriend’s dog while out for a stroll with an ex-boyfriend? I don’t think so. Mini sweat-shorts paired with a white puff sleeve crop and a spaniel on a leash is the level of chic I aspire to be.

Back to Friends. A simple white trainer (i.e. Golden Goose, Stan Smith, Veja) paired with a red tank top and ripped mom jeans. A simple everyday outfit that exudes 90’s style. Plus, you’d be twinning with Monica Geller.

Similar to Monica’s workout outfit, Rachel’s look is an oversize zip up hoodie with a white tank top and boxer sweat-shorts. The white simple trainers complete the look making it perfect for an at home hang out and brunch session with friends.

Last but not least, Pheobe Buffay. Even though she isn’t considered the ultimate style icon by most, I liked the look from this episode where she wore an embroidered black sweater and mom shaped light blue denim. It’s something you can find me wearing in the colder months for a more down to earth and casual feel.

Having been inspired by my not so proud moments of binging on Friends and SATC, I realized the stylists of said shows really did their jobs immaculately, giving us look after look. I even own most of these pieces today. And with the 90s making a comeback the past few seasons, I thought this piece would be perfectly timed. What other outfits would you wear from the 90s?

Instagram: secondnaturemag
(All images used are from Pinterest)

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